Have you meet Brody?

One of the most valuable therapists in our office is 2 ½ feet tall, 82lbs and has 4 paws. That’s right! He is our therapy dog—BRODY! Brody is exceptional, and not just because he is ours. He is truly a natural at his role in the therapy session. He can sense when children are afraid of him and knows to keep his distance until the child is more comfortable adjusting to him being in the room; he knows when a child needs deep pressure and will jump up and lay right on top of them; and even more interestingly—he even knows when the parents need him more than the child and will refuse to come into session and choose to stay with the parent in the waiting room to give them the extra care they need. We know it is hard to believe that an animal can be so in tune to emotions but Brody even acts as a tool for the therapists and makes us aware of things we might not have even picked up on. As the kids say, “It’s Brody’s Magic”!