What are you feeding your child? 

The food we eat strongly impacts our behaviors and moods.  Do you feed your body food as a source of energy or do you eat because you find that food recreational, tastes good and provides comfort?

Think about how you personally answered that question. Now think about the resulting behaviors you are teaching your family. What are their relationships with food? It is important to become aware of your family’s relationships with food, understand the ingredients/food labels for processed foods, and recognize how the content of foods consumed directly impact the behaviors surrounding your family dynamics.

We only get one chance to live our best life. This means your child only gets one chance! How do you ensure that their journey is successful? Mindfully eating is the first step. Mind, Body, and Eating Coach,  Amanda Winkeleer, is the guru on conquering the many challenges that come with this quest. Check out her FREE facebook community under groups by searching “Nutrition & Weight Loss for Men & Women” or contact her directly at 570-994-7760.

NOW is the time to give your family control over food and help them better understand and embrace this long-term lifestyle change!