Supervision In Byram NJ

Joanna Flora, your trusted guide since 2017 in the realm of art therapy supervision.

Joanna holds the prestigious ATCS Art Therapy Supervision credential, the pinnacle of art therapy supervision accreditation, showcasing her expertise and dedication to helping others thrive. Her success stories are numerous, as she has empowered countless therapists to reach new heights, achieving their ATR, BC, LCAT, and LPAT designations. Joanna’s passion for her craft is evident, and her impressive journey began when she earned her MPS (Masters in Professional Studies) in Creative Arts Therapy from Pratt Institute in June, 2011. Joanna’s commitment to excellence led her to obtain her Art Therapy Registration Board Certified (ATR-BC #12-045) in 2012, and she also holds the esteemed New York State LCAT (Licensed Creative Art Therapist #001588). Continually evolving, she secured her LPAT (Licensed Professional Art Therapist 16LP00003600) in February, 2022, eagerly embracing the latest opportunities for licensure in New Jersey. Drawing from a rich tapestry of theories and approaches, Joanna’s artistic prowess and innovative mindset shine through in her work as a practicing creative art therapist. Her approach is not bound by convention but rather tailored to the unique needs of her clients, offering fresh and imaginative strategies that reach beyond the traditional bounds of therapy.

As a supervisor based in Byram NJ, Joanna nurtures and supports those she supervises with unwavering dedication, equipping them with the therapeutic tools and approaches that best serve their clients. Embracing both in-person and virtual supervision, Joanna ensures accessibility and flexibility to accommodate diverse needs and Preferences. For those seeking supervision for licensure, Joanna conducts weekly one-hour individual sessions that are truly transformative.

Each session is an investment in your future at a cost of $185 per session. Various payment options are available, including credit cards, cash, checks payable to Flora and Associates LLC, or various electronic methods all inclusive to the area Byram NJ and surrounding.

Discover the boundless potential of art therapy with Joanna Flora in Byram NJ, where creativity and healing converge to form a remarkable journey of growth, learning, and empowerment. Embrace the opportunity to step outside the ordinary and embark on an extraordinary path of self-discovery and professional development. Let Joanna be your beacon of inspiration as you set sail towards a brighter and more fulfilling future in the world of art therapy.