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How Therapy Can Help

Therapy is an exceptional tool to help individuals achieve positive growth. It fosters and empowers the development of a sense of self and enhances interpersonal relationships. At Flora & Associates, we individually customize treatment plans to meet our client’s specific needs.  We utilize unconventional techniques that distinguish us from the stigmas often associated with therapy.

Parent Consultations

Parenting is hard work. We provide guidance and advice on how to handle various behavioral issues, provide support and education during the challenging seasons.

Potty Training Program

Potty training is a struggle for many kids. Providing toileting education and strategies supports both the child and their parents.

Art Therapy

When processing difficult emotions and experiences, verbal expression can often be a challenge. Art making is a natural form of expression and allows for unconscious emotions and thoughts to materialize. This process creates tangible art forms which allow for reflection and self-discovery without being overwhelming or distressing.

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