Flora & Associates was created to give children and their families the skill sets, practical tools, and communication abilities needed to live their best lives.  We utilize a collaborative, tailored approach in providing the support needed to guide our clients through all the challenges of life ranging from death, divorce, mental and physical illness, and disabilities to even the day-to-day meltdowns over dinner. Our team is dedicated to helping our community address these challenges by using positive coping mechanisms, sharing relevant knowledge and expertise, and providing a warm and caring environment. Most importantly, we aren’t afraid to give you a HUG! 

The foundation of Flora & Associates’ practice and culture are based on 7 core values:   

Be Exceptional

We work tirelessly and passionately to be not only the best clinicians while in session but to also be the best versions of ourselves in life. We go the extra step and hold ourselves accountable for our faults. We welcome all feedback to help us continually better who we are and what we need to be doing to better serve our community.

Endless Growth

We are driven to know and learn more than we knew yesterday. We are learning from our clients on a daily basis — attending conferences, professional trainings, and continuing with formal education on a regular basis. We read, read, read, and then read some more – from academic journal articles, the newest research and data, to bedtime stories and required school reading. We are determined to be up to date on the most relevant information. We geek out over personal development, data sheets, and clearly have an obsession with the newest Crayola products. 


Teamwork is the key to our heart and soul. No one can know it all—nor do we want that. To provide our clients and community with exceptional service, we are constantly discussing, evaluating, and planning treatment with our team of clinical, our families, schools, and other supports to achieve our clients’ anticipated results in the most effective and timely manner possible.  We believe that the possibilities for success are endless if we are focused, hard-working, and have a roadmap.


We are here to stay. We will not abandon our community and clients. We have intentionally created and developed a collaborative approach to support the children and families we work with despite the most unpredictable life events.  If — due to unforeseen circumstances — anyone on our staff is unable to serve our clients, another member of our team is poised and fully prepared to step in at a moment’s notice. 


Being at our prime mental and physical health enhances our ability to provide the best service possible as well as to be fully present with our clients in session. Whether it is going to the doctor for a yearly check-up, drinking all the water, taking those nasty vitamins, or going on a vacation, we are doing the things that allow us to crush it and support our clients in achieving their goals.


We get it—life can truly suck sometimes— and we want you to feel those feelings. However, every day we choose a positive outlook. We choose to be genuinely grateful and observe all the things that bring us joy. We want to work in an environment with amazing energy– the kind you can feel when you walk through the door. We want to look forward to going to work every single day and being successful in helping our clients. 


We believe in the power of Transparency. We are committed to fostering an environment where open communication and honesty are paramount. Whether it’s within our team or with the families we serve, transparency is at the core of all our interactions. We ensure that all communication channels remain open, and information is shared openly and honestly. We believe in being upfront and forthcoming, leaving no room for surprises or misunderstandings.

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