To make things easier for the grown-ups we’ve compiled a few worksheets and exercises that can be used to help remember and implement Gentle Parenting strategies in the home.

Breathing Exercises

When we are overwhelmed and taken over by extreme feelings such as panic, anxiety or anger, breathing exercises are a great tool to help us get out of the moment and return to our baseline.

Self-esteem for teens

Directions: Look at the sample below: Complete your own self-care routine. If you need inspiration, try completing the following sentences:

  • I confident and empowered when I…
  • I get irritated when I don’t have time to…
  • I feel the most guilty when I procrastinate on…

Wellness Check-in

On a scale between 1 – 10, how are you doing?

Grounding Journal Exercise

Use this journal to help you keep track of what you are seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting.

Self-esteem Activities for Teens

Use this to help you keep track of your wins and goals.

Sensory Practices for Calm and De-Escalation

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