Joanna FloraLicensed Creative Art Therapist & Licensed Counselor
Joanna started her professional career as a licensed Creative Art Therapist working with children and adolescents. She has continued to enhance her expertise by becoming a licensed Counselor and is currently pursuing training to become a certified psychoanalyst. Currently, Joanna works with individuals of all ages and is known for creating specialized and initialized treatment plans that best meet the need for each client.

Joanna’s focus in helping clients identify and express their feelings as correspondingly change their ineffective behaviors. She understands how difficult living with emotional distress can be and is fully committed to helping clients better themselves, make lasting changes, and create a life they enjoy living. Joanna uses multiple modalities of therapy to provide a safe, nonjudgmental place to explore feelings and events that disrupt one’s sense of safety and wellness.

Over the past few years, Joanna has grown her private practice into a group practice to best serve the needs of the families she works with. Joanna witnessed first-hand how hard it is to get the resource she needs to best support her clients treatment needs. To overcome this barrier, she has grown a team level of expertise to help her clients reach their full potential.

During her free time, Joanna loves going on walks with Jax and Kole — the the office therapy dogs, traveling to beach locations with her husband, and trying new ethnic foods. She is an avid reader and loves country music.

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