Parent Consultations

Consultation services are available for parents who need guidance or advice on how to handle various behavioral issues with their children. Some parents seek consultations regarding their child’s oppositional or defiant behavior; for support in addressing issues such as potty training, bereavement, and other life situations; guidance in talking to children about divorce, past traumas, sexualized behaviors; as well as various issues impacting a child’s schooling. Sessions generally last an hour to an hour and a half  tand can be provided weekly or on an as needed basis. Consultations are a great option for parents who cannot commit to weekly sessions due to time or financial constraints, but are looking for some helpful insight or guidance.

Exposure Response Prevention (ERP)

Exposure Response therapy is considered the gold standard for addressing obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias and social anxiety. OCD is characterized by intrusive thoughts and repetitive behaviors aimed at reducing that distress. ERP is a type of behavioral therapy that exposes people to situations that provoke their obsessions and the resulting distress while helping them prevent their compulsive responses. The ultimate goal of ERP is to free individuals from the cycle of obsessions and compulsions so they can ultimately live a more freeing lifestyle.

Prenatal and Postpartum Counseling

Whether you are pregnant, a first time Mom, or have just given birth to your fourth child, parenting can be challenging. Having a new baby in the home can be stressful and can shift the family dynamic or parental roles. If you are experiencing feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, anxiety or are just feeling overwhelmed, you do not have to go through this alone. With a postpartum specialist on staff, we are here to support you.

School or Staff Presentations or Workshops

Our therapists love sharing their knowledge with parents, teachers, professionals, and children! If you are interested in hosting a staff or parent workshop, please contact us for more details!


We offer therapeutic services telephonically as well virtually to accommodate busy schedules and barriers that prevent our clients from meeting consistently in person. We utilize video therapy which incorporates HIPPA compliance and secure platform to conduct sessions.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a specialized type of therapy that enables you to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress associated with traumatic and negative life experiences. Even though many people assume that they can not recover after these experiences,  EMDR has proven to be effective in helping people heal in just a few sessions!


Dialectical Behavior Therapy  (DBT) is a research-based, cognitive-behavioral treatment developed by Marsha Linehan, to help individuals with the suicidal, self-harm and at risk behaviors. DBT has been used to successfully treat many different populations including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, impulsively and self destructive behaviors.  DBT is most effective when individual therapy and skills training groups are combined. DBT training is a great tool for adolescents who exhibit emotional dis-regulation, poor self awareness, and difficulties relating or communicating to others. The goal is to help clients create “a life worth living.”

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