We Love To Work & We Love Where We Work

Our vision included creating a warm, inviting therapeutic environment for both children and adults. We want the children we work with to feel at home in our space, allowing their creative juices to flow while simultaneously providing a relaxing, soothing environment for parents in our waiting room. Our office is welcoming and comforting, providing a safe environment for individuals of all ages to grow to their fullest potential.

Our office concept has been so well received that we have continually expanded. Our space now includes four individual offices including a sensory room, a group room, and a waiting area that is designed to meet the needs of all of our clients.

What Makes Us Different

The term ‘group practice’ is often used to describe a practice that employs multiple therapists and counselors, all with varying credentials and backgrounds. We take that approach to the next level.

Our practice was founded on being a collaborative team. This means that, while you may work with one clinician handpicked to meet your needs, you are being supported by all of us. Behind the scenes, we are teaming up to create tailored treatment plans and brainstorming ways to ensure that you and your family get all of the tools and resources you need.

In our office, we encourage you to make relationships with multiple clinicians because we all go out of our way to support you. If a handful of clinicians are needed to safely transition a client with special needs from the parking lot to the session room, we are here to make it happen. Similarly, if multiple clinicians need to record data or make observations during a session, we won’t hesitate to help.

We are here to work as a collaborative team, combining our unique skill sets to best support each and every person who enters our care.

Our Location

Located In Beautiful New Jersey

17 Woodport Road Suite 2A Sparta, New Jersey 07871
Phone: 973-222-3030

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