Hello Spring!

I love all the “feels” of springtime. Sunshine on the skin, waking up to birds chirping, windows down for car rides around town, people out and about walking their dogs. Spring is glorious in my opinion. Yet, at the same time it brings with it a ton of work To me, “Hello Spring” also means “Hello To Do List”.  Between changing out the clothes in my closet, spring cleaning, yard work, and more—my list is never ending. I’m not going to lie — it is one of the most overwhelming times of the year for me, and I feel like I never have an enough time to get it all done.

Recently, I discovered that my feeling of not having enough time to accomplish my to-do list was much more than an emotion — I realized it was a fact. My -do list and the expectations I set up for myself was completely unrealistic.  If you are like me and really try to over achieve and do the impossible, I have some tips to help you be productive without getting overwhelmed.

Step 1: Make a to do list of what you want to accomplish this spring

Step 2: Put the items in priority order (Hint: Put all the things that you can deal with not getting done at the bottom or label them Bonus items)

Step 3: Find 1-2 times a week over the spring months that you can work on each item and write them in your planner. Even 30 minutes spent cleaning out under the bed is better than nothing.

Step 4: Enlist in help! You cannot do it alone. Reach out to your best friend and ask her to come help you clean out your closet. She will tell you what you need to toss and will make the process faster as well as 10x more enjoyable.

Step 5: Designate tasks that other family members can do. It is important that we teach our little ones how to spring clean as well. Make them responsible for their clothes and rooms. They may need a lot of help with this as they are younger, but you are grooming them for successful clean futures.  It is worth the time.

Step 6: Don’t forget to actually enjoy the spring season. Your to-do list can wait! The dust and outdoor items will still be there for you to tackle in summer if you don’t get to them immediately.

So, this spring, give yourself some grace. Do a little at a time and it will all add up!