How are you doing on your yearly goals? Is it time to reassess?

How are you doing on your yearly goals? Is it time to reassess?

Each year my clients frequently outline specific New Year’s Resolutions or goals. I must admit, many of them start off strong. They are committed to their goals and working on their plans to achieve them. Usually —  by day 21– they have turned their goal related life changes into “habits” which work for them. Before you know it, however, the week of February 15th is here, and many people find themselves to have fallen off course. Interestingly, this is a totally normal and natural thing to happen. Working hard on our goals can be an exhausting struggle. Sometimes we just need a break. One of the common goal setting patterns I have observed is that often our goals are unrealistic.  Maybe you had too many goals and you are not able to do it all.  Maybe you don’t care about that extra 10 lbs. anymore so that goal is no longer one of your priorities.  No matter what the case, it is important to regularly assess your yearly goals.

Here are a few tips on how to get this process started.

1.     Sit down with a notebook and the goals you created for yourself at the beginning of the year. If these goals are still important to you, keep them. If not, cross them out.

2.     Re-prioritize your goals. What is most important to you in this season of life?  Make those items your top focus.

3.     Are there any new goals that are missing? If so, add them!

4.     Does the wording of your goals still feel accurate? If not change it to fit your needs.

5.     After each goal, list a few ways you are going to take baby steps to achieve your goal long  objective.

6.     Write these baby steps in your planner for reminders and motivation.

7.     Set a date 3-4 months out to reassess using the above process. Re-assessment is what keeps us on track and ensures that we using our time productively.

While this this concept may seem foreign, I promise it will help you realize lasting results.  Just wait till you can look back and see all the results you have achieved!