Planner Obsessed

I am obsessed with my planner. It is quite large compared to most people’s planners t, and it is my constant companion at all meetings, appointments, and therapy sessions I hold each day. With technology being such an integral part of our lives, many people choose to use their phones to keep track of daily events. However, I truly enjoy having the physical paper in my hands.  As a visual person, keeping a planner not only keeps me organized, and the simple act of writing down my thoughts and schedule helps commit these items to memory.
I use my planner for  all aspects of my life. Aside from work activities, I also use my planner for my shopping lists, to do lists and all those little  but critical day to day reminders . Recently I started entering my daily workouts for the coming week on Sunday evenings to hold myself accountable to exercise.  I know that by writing them down, I am doing to do everything in my power to accomplish the listed tasks.  There is nothing more satisfying for me then checking things off my do to list and seeing all the things completed at day’s end  and again at the end of the week.  In fact, at the end of the year I get very nostalgic when looking through my completed planner and reflecting on all the events, activities, and achievements that were part of my life during the last twelve months.