Time to stomp out bullying!  

Time to stomp out bullying!  

In today’s world, bullying behavior is not limited to in-person contact.  With texting, emailing and social media, the potential for bullying is increasing and is a very real factor in our children’s daily lives.

A bully is someone who makes another feel inferior to them by inflicting verbal, physical or emotional pain.  Bullying can be subtle or direct.  It can start out slowly and subsequently increase in frequency and intensity. Bullying is hurtful and dangerous, and it cannot be tolerated.

How can you tell if your child is could be a victim of bullying?  Following are some “red flags” that things may be a miss.

  • Frequent headaches, nausea, or a stress-related illnesses. He or she increasingly asks to stay home from or come home early from school.
  • Trouble sleeping and an increase in nightmares.
  • “Losing” things like lunch money, electronics, or other expensive items bullies tend to take.
  • Becoming withdrawn, moody, angry or unwilling to discuss topics dealing with school, friends, or peers.

If a child is a victim of bullying, it’s important that they know the steps to take.  They must understand that this behavior is not acceptable and to whom they should report the situation. It is also important to model healthy behavior at home. Teach children how teasing and name-calling can be hurtful, and correct any such behavior immediately. Equally important, teach your child to be assertive and how to stand up for themselves in a non-aggressive manner. It’s important that young children know how to say ‘no’ and walk away from dangerous or uncomfortable situation